All are welcome to join our annual family-friendly celebration as we usher in the 2023 harvest season and give thanks to the Creator for our rich heritage while honoring our ancestors, warriors, veterans, and Elders. Located at the Mashantucket Pequot Cultural Grounds in the heart of one of America’s oldest Indian reservations, Schemitzun features traditional and contemporary tribal dance exhibitions, drum and live music, and plenty of authentic Native American-made crafts.

A 17th century Eastern Woodland Village exhibit offers fascinating demonstrations of traditional Pequot cultural practices—including fire-pit cooking, wampum and fish net making, loom beadwork and basketry.
Authentic Native American cuisine prepared by celebrated New England Native chefs is sure to satisfy every appetite. Sample hearty chowders, local fish, wild game and seasonal fruit beverages prepared the old ways, along with contemporary fare such as Indian tacos, burgers, fry bread, unique desserts and more.

"Schemitzun takes place each year with the intention of thanking the Creator for the harvest. In the past, it brought all 26 Pequot villages together, and today brings people from near and far."

- Wayne Reels, Cultural Resources Director

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